Architectural and dynamic, the Wired Collection embodies a timeless and uniquely unconventional approach to fine jewelry. Featuring Roule & Company’s trademark wireform metalwork, the collection is a beautiful paradox: intricate and streamlined, strong and delicate, voluminous and ethereal. 

Inspired by universal principles and elegant geometries, the Wired Collection is made up of several distinct but modular lines: the SHAKER line is decadence deconstructed; golden vessels showcasing the refractions and colors of gemstones freed from their settings. In the PIXEL DUST line, arrays of bright white diamonds seem to float on grids of blackened gold like constellations in the night sky. The tribal silhouettes and graphic patterns of HALO bangles and pendants make them striking and very collectible statement pieces. The THREE-STOREY line elevates simple shapes with refined detail. Filling out the collection are Roule & Company’s retro-futuristic SIGNATURE cabochon cocktail rings and long-link chainlinks.

Roule & Company’s Wired Collection: the spaces within, the spaces without, and the spaces in between.